I’ve become wary of writing bios–& am frustrated by how my relationship w/ accolades + validation has developed since involving myself in publishing (even w. the small scale I’ve operated on).

To challenge this, I’ve gutted this site (& the mess that’s my ‘digital presence’). Publishing is an extension of the poem–& I haven’t found a way to digitally do so that feels fulfilling.

As I consolidate the direction my energies are attempting to fertilize, more focus will be invested in irl distribution + promotion. 2017 is a year of harvesting self-awareness to prepare for being able to grow thru highlighting process > product.

Pages that functioned as resumes & dusty accolades are deleted–abandoning past histrionics to make room for fresh futures to breathe into this present.

I have no idea what I’m doing.

This is an exercise in being vulnerable.

Let’s go take a walk.

Thank you–