I’m not Jeremiah Walton. I’m not these poems, publications, or this bio. I’m not male, female, nor anywhere in-between. I’m not straight, gay, bi, nor anywhere in-between. I’m not monogamous, not poly, nor anywhere in-between.

I’m not static. I’m nobody. Everything in-between…

& none of that shit. I don’t know… I don’t know

what I identify as, &

that’s okay.

This body breathes most comfortable as queer + he/she/they + poly 🌵🥀

jeremiah walton bloom
Zipolite, Oax. Mexico, 2018


This site serves as a centralized archive of Jeremiah Walton’s poems + videos.

Until recently, all of my focuses + distributions have been irl, touring, invested into Nostrovia! Press, or Books & Shovels, our traveling bookstore. I’d completely stopped submitting my words, & have only published thru solicitation, presses I considered homies, & print-only chaps self-published for particular gigs + tours to keep gas in the tank.

“The Pacific Eats Words,” video poem

Digitally though? Naw. Couldn’t keep up.  Social media presence was more erratic than my capacity to be present for the routes we rolled out coast to coast, & back again.

Those highways held more space in me than any desire to curate a quiet corner of the internet like this. That’s where I was at, & here’s where I am now :

I’m grateful for the experiences that have processed me, & what I’ve learned since hitting the road, & will share that noise in the poems as they’re posted.


Yeah. There’s no much here yet. I gutted everything last year to make space for the transformations I’ve gone thru since entering this world as a 16 y.o. puddle of narcissism. In that sense, these are all experiments & educational processes w. releasing independent content digitally.

That experiment kicked off w. this year’s travels w. the “Write The Poem, Record, Upload,” Series, a compilation of video-poems posted w. the intent to ground writing’s emotional processes thru performance, & cultivate a humility that’s not roleplaying synonyms w. self-loathing.

The project started as a FB photo-album, & is composed w. “first-drafts” to plant those seeds of humility (that are unsure what they’ll burst into) & re-shape my relationship w. those imaginary editors that are more like hungry ghosts blowing bubbles taking on the shape of that day’s insecurities.

Eat them, then watch Jeremiah’s poem, or, maybe watch the poem, then eat them. Regardless of your appetite, for Walton or distraction, there’s no walls separating the physiological & physical.

If you’re down w. FB, add me there as a ‘friend‘ (whatever that means to you), or click ‘follow‘ (whatever that means to you) to keep up, or, if you’d rather avoid the corporate giant, you can browse the series’ on-site here at its “Table of Contents.


I’m not sure. This is all an experiment in finding healthy extensions of the poem.

As the video series grows, I’m learning to work in-studio to piece together “audiochaps” that’ll be dropping before the summer via SoundCloud. That in itself takes a lot of energy to learn to navigate w. an intent & slowness I haven’t accustomed to.

I have no idea what I’m doing.