Full Moon : Silence


Tucson, AZ, US, 4.3.18

[ update : this was an experiment w. removing the audio to make space for others to insert themselves : their words over the hand motions, & interpret it w. their reactions + feelings : maybe this experiment needs more intent instead of mad midnight scrambles. we’ll see how similar experiments form in the future, w. more intent on their production + release—thanks for listening  ]


“This poem’s a continuation of the “Write The Poem, Record, Upload” series, a compilation of “first-drafts” recorded & performed to ground cultivating a humility that’s not self-loathing.

The series is posted + archived in a FB photo-album. Add me as a ‘friend‘ (whatever that means to you), or click ‘follow‘ (whatever that means to you) to keep up.

If you’re not down w. FB, another option is to view the series’s on-site “Table of Contents,” & follow the gathering mileage + poems via @RuntRaccoon on IG.

Much gratitude to the folks that have helped me get this far ❤


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