Lit Crawl San Franicsco (1)
San Francisco Lit Crawl: Dangerous Thinking, 2016

You can dig a tour history for a list of past features & gigs. I’ve considered updating it with cities & odd-memorable, spontaneous shows (shout out to those that kicked Venice Beach freestyles in that smoked out short bus, & the folks that jumped the BART post Beast Crawl features for a hungover sidewalk reading in Excelsior bright, much love–).


I usually perform at DIY venues, house shows, art galleries, cafes, bars, festivals, or community centers. I’ve often featured after open mics, sometimes with musicians & other poets. Most of my performances are ~20 minutes long, but I can do shorter or longer. You can see videos of past live shows here.


If you invite me out to your area, I appreciate assistance with lodging, & some form of monetary compensation to assist with travel costs, regardless of if it means requesting funds from your organization, pooling money together with friends, or collecting an admission at the door. I’m flexible, & willing to work with those willing to work with me. I want all of us to benefit from the show.

To book any kind of event, please email jeremiahwalton[at]nostroviatowriting[dot]com

Thank you, cheers!