Oi ! I’m Jeremiah Walton. For the past ~3 years I’ve been bopping around the U.S. between hitchhiking + rubber tramping, running traveling bookstore Books & Shovels +  Nostrovia! Press.

Detroit, MI

I’ve featured at the NYC Poetry Festival + Cleveland Snoetry Festival + San Francisco Lit Crawl + Beast Crawl Oakland + This Lil Lit Fest + street corners / venues across the country.

A handful of my books are floating around, but most recently is “From Here Til Utopia” (Ghost City Press), a part of their 2016 Summer Microchap Series.

I focus on in-person distribution at open mics + busking + festivals. Word of mouth is fulfilling & feels to be a more intimate promotional process.

Wynwood, FL

I stuck my thumb out Fall 2013. The road quickly explained that she doesn’t give a damn about passions & projects, & I am grateful for the assistance & companions I’ve been blessed w/ as the odometer stacked.

LitQuake San Francisco, 2016

I grew up on campfire Sublime sing-alongs & hopping New Hampshire freight w/ spraycans.

I externalize to process information. Imagery + confusion.

I ramble to the moon when there’s no wax. I talk to the moon because they teach you to listen.

Looking for the days when I could put poems out w/o giving a shit what any of you thought of me. Looking for diary entries without a thousand false eyes tearing my shoulders.

Oh, & raccoons + coyotes are my companions.

Meeko, NH


This webpage works as an organized archive among the mess of my internet presence. I jumped into publishing in high school, & have dusty ol’ teenage poems wandering graveyards of small press. This resulted in a mess similar to my living situations.

You can check out my youtube channel for video poems + performances.

Much of my focus is invested into Nostrovia! Press & its sub-projects.

If you have any type of feedback, hit me up!

Hope you dig the poems + videos, much love, cheers 


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  1. Heya, thanks for the like 🙂 Your Nostrovia! Poetry sounds awesome, I’ll be checking that out after your blog. I look forward to reading your posts! 🙂 x

  2. Hey, thanks for the follow. Your works really sounds so great. When most of the people of your age are busy with easy works you are doing an impresive work at that time.I’m happy to find your blog. Cheers!

  3. AnElephantCant think of anything clever to say
    This happens time after time
    But he wants you to know
    That he likes you and so
    He says hello with this silly rhyme

  4. Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog, and for the “like” on my recent post. I am happy you enjoyed it, and I appreciate your visit to my site.

    I like your blog a lot! I’m impressed with your publishing endeavors. 🙂

  5. You are quite ambitious. I have been writing since I learned how to print and hold a pencil. I regret not keeping my very early work. Your generation is luckier- you have computers and other resources.

  6. Well, isn’t this a cool site. Thanks for the follow and the likes. I wish I’d started (more serious) writing at your tender age. You will do well! Thumb the nose on that negative critique. Many more fish in the water.

    You know, I just saw the comments above on technology. Here’s a flip side, food for thought? I didn’t want to take up more of your time so I left out the intro and finale.

  7. seeing your header pic reminded me of me writing the poem you liked today, with the mandolin and banjo as accompaniment. i always write to music, so thanks for the validation and for showing me the way to this and your other blog. you have my admiration and support, and whatever i can do to help.:::::peace::::;

  8. Jeremiah Walton. You are so cool. I uprooted myself from Seattle because I knew if I stayed a day longer I would drown. Let me know if you find yourself in CT anytime; I would love to chat poetry with you!

  9. Hey Jeremiah,

    Thanks so much for following! I have to come offline now but I have followed back, and your poetry looks exciting. I will be reading through some of these in the week 😀

    Thanks again!


  10. I’m digg’in your act. You are the real thing, better than (C)(c)oke, no joke. Keep showing the world your take on it. It’s beautiful. I want to read more. Enjoy the road trip and thanks for following Fresh Bean Sprouts: poems…

  11. Hello Jeremiah, you are doing well, a rebel and a creative thinker.
    One of the poet I admire is Max Hermann, he wrote Desiderata of Happiness. I often read it and he says you belong here like the trees and the stars, you are a child of the universe.
    Meaning for me is to share what I know and give to others, our true purpose is to love each other and our planet, we are part of all that is.
    I see you on the stage of life as the story teller of narratives tinted with drama and humor.
    take care

  12. Thank you for stopping by my itty bitty blog! What fantastic things you have done! You are quite interesting and must make many people proud! Love your writing, story and photographs are pretty sweet!

  13. Inspiring.Keep writing 🙂 thanks for liking the post btw.Gonna read your poems tonight.Amazing how people can express so much with too little through poems.

  14. Hello Jeremiah, I’m really pleased you engaged with my poem and particularly because you led me here. I’m astounded by what you do and your commitment to poetry. Your advice is excellent too. I’ve decided to follow you and your obvious love of poetry and creativity. Keep up the good work and best wishes….Neil

  15. at 25, I’m feeling regretful, like I should have been roaming this country since the day I left high school – instead, all I been to was California for less than a year. the majority of these 7 years, just been working safe part-time jobs in the same neighborhood since birth, taking forever to put myself out there. you already deserve a huge congratulations at 18, at least for your ability to take risks. keep working fast, and break a leg on your current and future travels

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