This site is a bookmark I promote irl so folks I meet while traveling can find my work online. I am moving away from social media. My online presence is a mess, & tightening it takes away from the process of writing.

Since kicking into publishing, my focus has been irl distribution + shows. This site isn’t me. These are my projections externalized for your reflection & interpretation. All relationships are mirrors. Understanding this & working with it thru poetry is already a confusing enough task without integrating building social media followings.

This site has been reconstructed to dismantle focus from my persona + shift the spotlight to my poems. I’ve delected pages that functioned only as unread accolades–abandoning past histrionics to make room for fresh futures to breathe into this present.

Over 2017, you’ll find me uploading video-poems to Youtube + audio-poems to SoundCloud (if anyone wants to collaborate w/ audio / film, email me) + Instagram to document traveling.

Thank you.