Gratitude For The Silence Smoke Brought

love who you can as the world burns
Tucson, AZ


Each of us wrote our intents down. The intents were held by paper, by our hands, our heads, & we sat still—focusing on the inhale : exhale : inhale : release. We sat silent to try & embody what we intended to burn, what we intended to leave behind & accept.

Here, “love who you can as the world burns” was written & filmed, just outside the cement scrape of Tucson’s city limits. The hill we stood on over-looked miles of saguaro & cholla, & paled in the sun against distant cloud shadows crawling over mountains like the backsides of prayers that didn’t quite make it into the fire they were thrown to, or

maybe like the slow crawl of tears being released after centuries of damming.

A friend’s tobacco they’d grown was placed in a metal bowl. They lit it. When each individual felt they’d personally embodied their intent, they’d toss their paper into the fire. Our intents unified in the  & smoke & ash.

We ate baked baked that morning, & left a small loaf for the desert 

Here’s a good reminder why this body’s back in Tucson; as it’s been murky & lonely & sober (mostly) out here, living outta the car & quietly moving w. the poems to learn to go thru instead of against.

Thank you for inviting me to make space physically to ground myself, & get outta my fucking head for an afternoon ❤

FINAL NOTE before the poem; shout out to Suza Weise for helping film this piece ❤  Suza’s a dope Tucson artist & practitioner of integrative healing—dig her love & work on Patreon as she moves towards creating a podcast on vulnerability & healing 

“love who you can as the world burns

Tucson’s Outskirts, AZ, US, 3.25.18




This poem’s a continuation of the “Write The Poem, Record, Upload” series, a compilation of “first-drafts” recorded & performed to ground cultivating a humility that’s not self-loathing.

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