N!P’s Traveling Bookstore

books and shovels death rattle
Death Rattle Lit Fest, 2017

Books & Shovels is a travelling bookstore launched under Nostrovia! Press at the 2014 N.Y.C. Poetry Festival, & has since toured from East Coast to West Coast, & back. Then back again. Then South, North, Forwards.

B&S has featured at the 2014/15/16 N.Y.C. Poetry Festivals, 2015/16 Tucson Poetry Festivals, 2016 This Lil Lit Fest, 2017 Death Rattle Lit Fest, on New Orleans, Austin, Los Angeles, & Denver sidewalks, & at venues like Kansas City’s “Poetic Underground” & Santa Cruz’s “Art Bar Slam Series.”

The Arts Bar, Kansas City 2015

Our books are sold for donations or trades (ie: food, wine, books, showers, etc) to avoid denying anyone access to literature. We maintain a solid stock of small press publications, self-published writers, & zines to distribute alongside more established authors & classics.  

More on Books & Shovels, the project’s aims, & how to donate books + monetarily at Nostrovia! Press.